Thursday, September 27, 2012

And we're back...

I feel like the title of this post is influenced by my obsession with the new HBO show Newsroom.

If you haven't seen it, steal the closest persons HBO-Go password and watch the first season.

Smart, funny and overall driven by lovable characters.

In other news...

The past 2 + months have been somewhat indescribable. I have moved in with my man, settled in Jacksonville, started a new job, gone to South America, vacationed in Savannah and tried to make friends.

Below - are some instagram highlights.

 Bella bug on our roadtrip from Fort Worth to Jacksonville. 

The new house in Jacksonville, yet to be painted inside... slowly but surely I will manage to make this place home.

Beach times with the man. Couldn't ask for a more wonderful place to relax just 10 minutes from home.

Street art in Montevideo, Uruguay. One stop of three on my first international work-trip. Argentina and Paraguay were also visit sites.

The Savannah weekend in heaven - at our new favorite get-away "Richard's Carriage house". Thanks

Me trying to re-learn to ride a bike in Savannah. Yes, you really can forget how... luckily I remembered before we hit the busy streets.

And that's a decent summary of my transition to life in Jacksonville, FL. There are more adventures to come, and the international travel component of this new gig should make for fun blog posts.

Thanks for reading. I'm Alexis Branaman, stay classy blog-city.