Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween - Wolf Howls

I don't know how many of you have even seen the movie Teen Wolf, my hunkin' piece o'man introduced me to it to be honest, but that is what our Halloween revolved around.

My wonderful 80s-centric counterpart has had three costumes he has always wanted to be. Army of Darkness (done 2009), Marty McFly (done 2010), and Teen Wolf (enter the 2011 party this weekend.)

A Teen Wolf costume is many shopping trips, an ebay order, a lot of planning and some serious creativity accompanied by 5 hours of prep time spirit-gumming hair and hot gluing the rest of the necessary wolf hair to nylons.

This was an ordeal. But the result... worth every minute.

See below. The final photo is Teen Wolf and his best friend Stiles (me) with Kenny Powers and a "creep" photo-bombing. What a Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Game 6

I cannot claim baseball fan status. However, when your whole state, and more specifically your city, is wrapped up in something like the World Series, you find a seat on the bandwagon.

Last night I decided to put my own spin on game watching festivities and invited some folks over for dinner and the game. Between Airika and I we made a delicious pesto pasta with caramelized onions cooked with mushrooms and tender sauteed chicken for the carnivores. I added a Caesar salad with Parmesan and fresh tomatoes to my meal in place of the chicken.

We ate and watched the painfully inconsistent game go up and down and up and down into that 11th inning, eating and drinking our way through the anxiety. 2 peanut butter bars and a few rum and cokes later I realized it was 12:30 and I hadn't even looked at the cheese dip bowl and pans due for washing.

I summarily dismissed my duties as hostess after everyone departed and crawled into bed just shy of 1:30 in the morning.

I was certainly a bit late to work this morning (mostly due to cheese scraping and taking out the trash) but I would say being a part of the Rangers fever makes it both acceptable and possibly admirable.

Tonight we go into Game 7 to decide the fate of our beloved boys in gray, red and blue. I will be parked on my couch flipping between that and the TCU vs. BYU game being played in Cowboys stadium. No outings or friends for me tonight. Just my butt, the couch and a remote.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Very Blustery Day

Winnie the Pooh knew what he was talking about when he tried to keep piglet close to earth via kite-string.

Outside in fort Worth, it is indeed a very blustery day. Rain is spitting, trees are creaking and the wind is groaning through the window panes.

We have had a marathon-run of sunshiney days in the 80s this October, and I suppose it is time for a high in the 50s and some "weather."

This weekend is the Halloween party that will feature me and my partner-in-crime as characters from the well-loved 80s classic, Teen Wolf. I won't be going as the wolf. I chose the easy costume: wolf's sarcastic friend.

My dearest will be continuing his streak of Michael J. Fox costumes this year, following his impressive showing as Marty McFly with the teenage basketball-playing canine.

Should be a good one. I'll try to get a picture before things get rowdy and one of us inevitably gives up our itchy "Halloween City" wig.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Your body reaches a point where it screams out "what happened here kid!?"

I have had a fairly regular work out schedule, healthy eating habits and plenty of sleep the past few months. However, the past few weeks, with oddly spaced travel dates and laziness, I have fallen off the bandwagon.

The result? A general feeling of slug.

Apparently my body is not enjoying the switch back to refined sugars, carb overloading and caffeine in the place of sleep. Who'd a-thunk?

I won't be battling the slug inside with some trendy detox or intensive exercise routine. No, no. We are going for a healthy and gradual shift back to a manageable but energy-boosting routine. Almonds instead of chips. Lifting at the gym as opposed to remote curls. And sleep instead of Soy, sugar free, double shot hazelnut lattes.

Green, red or orange juice/cayenne smoothies to solve my dilemma seems extreme... who are these people that can drink the green paste? I can't decide if I am sad for them, or admire them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Two weeks ago, while I was in Chicago, I had my first and only intelligent conversation about this "occupy this, occupy that" movement. I don't say that to be disrespectful, merely to note that from everything I had seen and heard there was little intention or future plan for the momentum generated by these events.

I found myself wanting to be supportive, but unsure of what I would be supporting. It seemed it was a bunch of young adults following their twitter invitations out of boredom, just hoping to be a part of something bigger.

I wondered how many of the participants actually knew what they were "protesting." 

My cousin and my Aunt had some information I found helpful regarding the purpose of the events and their interpretation of the end-goal. According to the two of them, whom I always consider reliable sources, the point of the Occupy storm is to generate awareness of the 99% of our population that doesn't benefit from the manipulative practices of corporations and big business. Fun fact: you and I are probably in that 99%, unless you are interdependently wealthy. If so - well done. Thanks for reading my blog when you could be counting your stacks of hundred dollar bills.

This runs from wall-street hedgefund managers to big banks that most of us use. The end goal is to start a shift from dependency on a system that doesn't benefit the every-day joe/jill, to a system that empowers small businesses and locals.

If that is in fact the goal - I'm all for it. I'm just unsure of how I will participate. I kind of like banking with Chase because it's easy...even if they are going to start charging me for my debit card... but I guess that is the exact problem they are trying to call attention to, huh?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Retail Therapy Intervention

I realized the other day that I have become addicted to retail therapy. The joy of clearance shopping online and in stores grabs me by the throat and holds me hostage. It's so unnecessary yet so alluring.

Therefore, I am instituting no-shop November. I'm not going to let myself buy any more stuff I don't need. And the few things my wardrobe does need still I will hold out until "Black Friday" shopping for, and try to get a good deal. That means boots, jeans and a few sweaters are all I can buy even on Black Friday.

My wallet will thank me, but my shopper's subconscious will be dismayed to say the least. Especially if I walk past a 75% off rack in Target.

May the shopping gods help me.

Pinterest shall be my only refuge.

I just found an etsy shop called Roots and Feathers... and I am a little in love. 
Note the "I'd Wear That" board on pinterest...

Friday, October 21, 2011

High heels and eyeliner

Today is the kind of day that makes you feel like things are just enough out-of-whack that you may have to do something about it.

Accepted indifference just won't cut it. Excuses and optimism won't pull the wool over your proverbial eyes no matter how hard you try.

I would like to be the sexy subject of a trendy music video today. My responsibilities would be high heels and eye liner.That seems like something I could handle.

This music video would have been preferred.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zen Mind Garden

One of my favorite people on the planet is going through more trials, tribulations and general stressors than I can even imagine juggling.

So, today's blog post is a compilation of zen for someone I love. Maybe you need a little inspiration "zen" too.

What is stressing you today?

Check it at the blog, yo. Drop it here, find your zen.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old friends, good sushi

I realized last night that I had not seen two of my closest friends from college, since we graduated. Chelsea Rose moved to Pittsburgh, and Callie had started her life fresh in another part of Fort Worth after we graduated, living with our friend Megan.

Last night, Chels was in town and as per usual she set to organizing a get together so she could see anyone/everyone she cares about. She drove in from Aledo and met us at Sushi Axiom - which was perfect because I have been jonesing for some Japanese goodness ever since my other's mother gave me my very-own fancy chopstix straight from Japan.

We ordered some crab dynamite, TCU rolls and jalapeno-inspired fried yummies. The sushi and drinks facilitated conversation that ranged from freshman year shenanigans to the drama and intrigue of sophomore year housing. It seemed like every story happened a million years ago as we laughed about our various adventures and endeavors.

I found myself thankful that those years were over, but loving the memories of everything I went through beside these incredible women who started their adult lives with me in 2006. Of the Original Nifty 9 we'll have two in Colorado, one in PA, two in California, two in Fort Worth, one in Austin, and one in Dallas.

Our relationships may have shifted, but the bond of nervous, bubbly freshmen remains.

Oh College.

7 of the original 9 out for my 19th birthday, freshman year, 2006.

Pardon the vampire eyes, but I figure it is almost Halloween anyway. Also, I have no other picture. But here are 3 of the original 9, and 2 very important additions to our friend circle. A year out of college, 2011.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dream Realities

KK posted something the other day about dreams and the importance of them, and although she meant futuristic, big goal dreams, I relate to the night-time variety lately.

The past week or so has been filled with some very odd dreams for me. Everything from my house being invaded to my significant other proposing and then turning out to be my ex, followed by a dream where he torches my car and declares me "relationship incompetent." 

What is going on in my demented mind? Clearly the wedding in Michigan has infiltrated my subconscious. 

Luckily, a lot of these dreams were happening in one of my favorite cities, surrounded by some of my favorite people. My Mom was able to join me in Chicago during my conference and we had an opportunity to spend time with my cousin and my aunt in the evenings. This made for good food, great conversation and delicious wine.

I do love Chicago.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It has only happened one time before today - but sometimes I fail miserably at leaving for the airport on time.

My wonderful other volunteered to get me to the airport by 830 this morning for my 930 flight - but in order for that to happen I had to be up and ready by 715. I think maybe I misheard him - because I was definitely ready at 750...

Then it was raining.
Then he needed gas.
Then I realized I had forgotten to pick up my prescription that ran out yesterday.
Then it was 8 am and I remembered I had to fly out of love field not DFW...

And I would probably get there around 9 at this point...

Then there was terrible traffic - because it rained and it is a well known fact Texan brains melt in the rain.

Sooo I arrived at 905 - checked my bag thanks to the wonderful people of Southwest - and got to my gate just in time to board.

Now the question is: will my bag arrive in Chicago with me?

I really hope that they do in fact mean better when they say different.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Michigan Moments

I could not have been more filled up by the cool breezes and warm smiles in Michigan last week. In fact, I'm missing it something fierce again already. Here's a fun little hodge-podge of the highlights. Some from my phone, some from the wedding photographer, and some from the beautiful Kristin Rahn.

When was the last time you went on a trip that made your heart and soul feel full and hopeful? I think that is what going home, to my real home, does for me.

top left: a scene that is all too familiar, me making Jay Bo up, somewhat against her will. But this time she  was getting married, so it was a reasonable expectation. top middle: KK took this photo while we were at the beach in Frankfort, I think she caught my most contemplative feeling. top right: Me, Jay Bo,and KK on wedding day, just after the ceremony. Congrats Jay. bottom left: rocks off the pier in Frankfort. I can't imagine why I love those colors in my wardrobe so much... bottom right: the wedding party. Me and KK snuggled up in the cool weather and Jay Bo and Tom being goofs in the front. Yes please.

Monday, October 10, 2011

There's Optimism and there's Overcast

In my limited experience on this earth, I find that optimism is no match for an overcast day. The clouds win every stinkin' time.

Today it is cooler than normal, the clouds have rolled in, and the general feel on campus is "graveyard." No one is out and about, no one is visiting, there's no advising and it seems all TCU lifeforms, including our squirrels, have gone home for a nap.

I am day-dreaming of real dreaming at this very moment.

I'm also missing the beautiful sands of Lake Michigan and the crisp apples of my home-lands markets.

Is it time to nap yet?

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm so looooonley. Oh so loooonely...

I found myself alone in my house last night (alone except for my two ferocious protectors. Don't be fooled by their names, Emma Lou and Bella May could put the hurt on an intruder).

As I cleaned the bathroom, did my laundry and reorganized my closet post-vacation, I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I was alone in my house for more than a few hours.

I am surprisingly productive when I have no one to talk to. And with roomies out of town for a while, I may be the most productive I've been in months.

The one thing I forgot to do was eat. But don't worry, all my jewelry has been organized, my sinks wiped down and dishes done.

I would be at serious risk of talking to myself or losing my mind if I was alone for too long, so it is a good thing that I've got my buddies to keep me company.

The task given to me by GOOD magazine, for the 30 day challenge I mentioned, is to meditate for 15 minutes today. I am not very good at sitting still, but I'm hoping with a quiet house and nothing to distract me but my canine companions, I can sit still and try my best to clear my mind for the meager 15 minutes requested.

I doubt my abilities. Wish me luck.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Grab

One of the blogs I follow, the flowerchilddwelling, posted about this little lady today, and it blew my mind.

This CHILD - yes, child - is 15 years old. Get out of here. And the video was done when she was 14. How is it that I have never heard of Birdy and her incredible self before?

Her voice is surreal at her age. I hope you enjoy this Bon Iver cover as much as I did. It kind of knocked me off my feet at the ripe hour of 9 a.m..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge


GOOD magazine is calling it the antidote to Halloween. Now, I have come to appreciate Halloween as the "adult holiday" that it now is, with witty Halloween costumes at the right parties - but I like the idea of focusing on health and mental stability this month.

Therefore - I have joined the 30 day challenge. I am looking forward to their suggestions ranging from "remember to floss today" to "meditate for 15 minutes tomorrow morning".

I can always use a swift kick in the pants after vacation (which I will post about after I catch up on my life this week).

Interested in the challenge? You can sign up here: