Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hump day

Since it is the spectacular day of the week we call "hump day", I thought it would be amusing to do a "what if they made a baby" post about different animals and/or celebrities. Some of these may be funny to you, some of them may be concerning, some may be borderline offensive. However you find them - I hope you find them amusing.

For this Wednesday: my family has been wondering - what if our new chihuahua and our runt shetland sheep dog had a baby... well...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homeward Bound

I don't know what my dog did - but I am convinced she marked our front door with a scent that screams down the street "Lost? Come here! She'll help you, her conscience leaves her no choice!"

Yesterday I had another lost furry friend show up at my door and try to scratch its way in. This one was a black lab and his collar read Sage. Clearly he had a home. Thank God. The last thing I needed was another dog in my life. And lord knows I would never make it to the humane society with a dog, I'd end up adopting it before they could kennel it.

And as I was chasing this black ball of energy around my yard, trying to corral it behind my backyard's fence, I found myself thinking of Homeward Bound.

Maybe that is where my soft-spot for "strays" came from. I think that movie convinced me that all cats have a sassy inner-voice and all big dogs are hopelessly sweet and naive and sound somewhat like Michael J. Fox. It is also where I learned that Golden Retrievers are both wise and natural leaders.

Today - let's remember the days of our youth. The days of talking animal movies that didn't involve that animal playing basketball, escaping from a zoo, or taking over the planet.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Michigan adventure awaits

I tried to figure out exactly how long it has been since I was in Michigan - and I am going to go with 4 solid years. I haven't be there since the summer of 2007. Time flies by so quickly. Who gave it permission to do such a thing? I surely didn't.

In honor of my trip exactly one month from today - I am making a Michigan board for all of your enjoyment today. I am ready to head home and enjoy one of my oldest friend's wedding and even see some places and people I've been missing.

And for a soundtrack to that board I suggest:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Street Art

One thing that I am continually amazed by is the presence of street art in the world. Banksy is one of my personal favorites, but there are so many talented artists out there.

What they do is both whimsical and highly dangerous in most cases. A strange set of characteristics when you think about it.

Below are some of my favorites that I've seen lately. I hope you enjoy!

street art

street art

street art

street art

street art

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A new blog-tradition - If I had unlimited funds...

So, I have decided that I will start a blog tradition for Thursdays. It is almost the weekend, I'm almost free from my desk and I am prone to daydreaming. So in honor of the Thursday office day-dreamer I am going to start a Thursday "If I had unlimited funds..." post.

What you will find on these posts is sure to be varied, but include expensive purses, shoes, trips and maybe even the occasional car, house or additional pet.

I think it's healthy to aspire to be independently wealthy and entirely unrealistic about the management of your pocketbook.

So here we go.

Today, if I had unlimited funds....

I would buy Steamline retro luggage from the Correspondant Series. The full-size suitcase runs about $437 and the carry-on close to $285. A price that is entirely reasonable for my independently wealthy fantasty-counter-part.

I would also purchase the grove bamboo wood iphone case for a cheap $85. And lastly, just to spend some pocket change, I'd buy both colors of the Frye Paige Riding Boots. After-all, together they are only $696.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Classes Starting

TCU students returning to campus makes my job much more interesting and much more jam-packed. Not literally with jam. Although that would be lovely. If the jam was blackberry. Or raspberry. Or Boysenberry. Actually, I'm open to most berries.

I digress.

Classes starting is exciting for both students and for me this year. I am starting my Masters program at TCU and realized today that I have no idea what to expect. I have been out of school for a year, and I've never done an education course, let alone one at the Masters level.

I went to the bookstore this afternoon to buy my "textbooks" and unlike my first time at that bookstore gathering supplies, I was praying for used copies. Why I ever thought I needed new books is beyond me. I thought I would make it out of there without any "extras" but I found the most perfect Eco-chic just/cotton tote! See below.

I'm accessorized and ready to learn.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Consequence of 100 degree days

There had to be a fall out (besides my energy bill) as a result of these over 100 degree days. I haven't melted, my house hasn't spontaneously combusted, and I haven't resorted to breaking into the grocery store walk-in freezer across the street... yet.

But yesterday - the consequence of more than 40 days of temperatures over 100 was revealed.

My dog has lost her mind. Her brain matter has melted and my once well-behaved angel of a pit-mix has turned into Satan's spawn.

She went from being a cuddly, quiet, soft and lovable dog to a maniacal toddler trying to destroy any semblance of heat-wave sanity left in my life.

You see, Emma Lou is used to certain privileges as a rescue-pet who is horribly spoiled. She is used to walks and trips to the dog park. She is used to fetch in the backyard. She is used to reasonable amounts of physical activity. But news flash: when it's this hot - I don't go outside. And I definitely don't go outside to walk, run or play fetch.

Therefore - Emma is experiencing what I can only imagine to be maddening cabin fever. So when I come home from work at five - I am greeted with desperate slimy licks at the door that are most certainly her plea to take her out the front door and down the street - at least. When I sit down on the couch to try and stop sweating with the help of the living room ceiling fan - she stares at me threateningly and jumps backwards as every bit of pit in her pit-mix barks. My dog doesn't bark. Well, my dog didn't used to bark. Now, she most definitely barks.

She barks to protest this injustice. She barks to punish me.

This weekend - despite recommendations from weather men and scientists of varying specialties, I must brave the heat and take my dog outside before she finds a more damaging way to punish me for my negligence.

Wish me luck - pray for rain - or call Father Winter if you know him, and ask for a preview.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boys making music

Sometimes guys perform a song that make me believe there's more to them than they act.

Anne Lamott said:

"Part of me loves and respects men so desperately, and part of me thinks they are so embarrassingly incompetent at life and in love. You have to teach them the very basics of emotional literacy. You have to teach them how to be there for you, and part of me feels tender toward them and gentle, and part of me is so afraid of them, afraid of any more violation."

This song helps me respect them desperately.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Co-dependent blogging

In my defense, very few of my inspirational friends are keeping up with their blogs in the past weeks - and therefore I have no motivation to keep up with mine.

I am however dismayed that I fell off the wagon when I was doing so well.

The past week has gotten away from me. I had Frog Camp for TCU, and wasn't feeling too well after it most likely a direct result of emotional overload exhaustion due to an incredible bunch of honest, vulnerable, beautiful incoming TCU freshmen campers.

I find myself having a hard time remembering when I last slept through the night in my own bed, ate a real meal, or even went to the gym.

My routine has gone to the dogs.

And of course, this week is no better. There may be a friend in town from Florida that I need to see tonight, tomorrow mi madre returns to the Fort to move my brother in (and is staying with me much to my delight), and then I leave for Austin on Thursday and come back late on Friday. The weekend will hopefully include some quality time with my parental unit before she returns to Atlanta, but that means little time for catching up with my life.

I need a nap just thinking about it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"I'm good - actually - really good"

Do you have that person, or those people, whom you always seem to be complaining to about one thing or another?

You appear to have an endless list of the ways things are collapsing around you. No matter how good things are in other areas, you feel compelled to share the places where your life is broken.

Maybe I am the only weak-minded emotional mess out there - but when I am with the rare individual who makes me feel totally vulnerable and safe, I have a tendency to shower them in my concerns, trials and tribulations.

This morning I got together with my minister here in the Fort - who happens to be all of the things described above. Typically, when I meet with Suzanne I unload all my fears, doubts and worries in one run-on sentence. But today, for the first time that I can remember, when she asked me "how are you doing?" I responded "I'm good - actually, I'm really really good." The best part? I meant it.

And you know what? My life is by no means stress free or perfect - but my life is good. Lately I'm awfully focused on the flowers that resulted from the rain. And that feels, for lack of a better word, good.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mean Kitty

I'm having a tired-frustrated-ugh day. But this is pretty stinkin' funny.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A snapshot

Last night my significant other was preparing for a trip out of town and since I know that my presence is both inspiring and motivating I showed up at 9 to watch him pack.

Watch is the key word. I had no intention of helping unless it was help in the form of "mmhmm yup that looks good" or "you can't wear those socks with that suit."

However, my assistance was actually needed that night. I was not informed ahead of time that it was laundry night. Crap. I did't want to help fold like a good girlfriend.

The other thing to know about my other's apartment is that it is an arctic cavern. The blinds are always closed and the thermometer is set to 64 degrees. I'm not exaggerating. There are icecicles hanging from the doorframes. A polar bear lives in the back room.

Ok fine, there's not really icecicles.

This was the other problem with me having to help fold; it meant I had to emerge from my blanket cacoon to assist. It was too cold - if I removed my arms and legs from that blanket I'd freeze to death in my summery tank top and shorts.

Then I had a brilliant idea "BABE! You know what I need for your apartment! A SNUGGIE! I need a stinkin' snuggie! I'd be so much happier here if I had a snuggie!"

After another 2 minutes of rambling about the value of snuggies, I realized I was rambling to myself. He had left the room. And before I could call out to him that he was a butthead for walking away while I was talking, he was back and throwing a black plastic bag taped together into a package at me.

I stared at him with a face that clearly communicated "question mark?" and he simply answered "I won't make you use it tonight, but there ya go."

My first thought: if this is some kind of corset or costume I'm going to be pissed.

But I opened it up and saw cheap red fleece... that went on for forever... and had sleeves.


I spent the next 5 minutes hugging him and kissing him and telling him how happy I was. He just laughed, told me he loved me and went back to folding.

And that - is the perfect snapshot of my relationship.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Concert Memories

Music posts are fun for Mondays. Some would even call them - Music Mondays.

My Monday is feeling sleepy - so I thought I'd think back to great concerts I've had the pleasure of attending over the past 3 years. Below are some of my favorite songs performed at the shows I've enjoyed.